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Proposal presented by: MJ Support Services

Scope of Services

Phase I - Setup

Phase One of the project consists of Domain, Hosting, and Framework setup. If you do not have a domain, we will register one for you. If you already down a domain, we will work with you to transfer it to our hosting infrastructure and connected to the new website.

Phase II - Initial Build and Design

Phase Two of the project is where we will design and build the pages and other content of your new website. If you have any company specific media such as photos or videos that you would like included, we'll reach out to you to get copies of those.

Phase III - Client Review, Feedback, and Testing

We'll provide you with a unique "preview link" where you'll be able to view/test your new website and request any modifications if needed. Once approved, your site will move to the final phase of the project and be ready to go live.

Phase IV - Publish/Go-Live

During the final phase of the project, we'll move your new website out of the staging/production environment and publish it live to the world, and more specifically, your clients!


We'll use any copy you provide as well as basic copy for your industry focused on basic SEO keywords. If you need any additional copywriting such as blog or in depth content articles, we can provide an additional quote for that.

Stock Image Licenses

We'll use any images provided by you as well as basic stock images from our library wherever possible. If you require additional stock photos or content licenses, we can provide an additional quote for that.

Estimated Timeline

We provide these timelines as estimates and always strive to meet any agreed upon deadlines. Should anything arise during our project that will delay or change these timelines, we'll always let you know promptly.

Estimated Timeline:

Phase I
1 week
Phase II
2 - 3 weeks
Phase III
1 - 2 weeks
Phase IV
1 - 2 days

Your Investment

Design & Build -

Total: $250

Approve Project

By typing my name below and clicking "Accept", I understand that I am agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below as well as the scope of services as outlined in the project details.

This proposal has already been approved!

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