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Website ContinueCare™ is our monthly website support service that handles all of your website and eCommerce needs. Our support plans are designed to save you time and money while providing peace of mind. This allows you to focus on other critical areas of your business, or simply to enjoy the things you love outside of business.

What's Included?

All Basic ContinueCare™ support plans include the following:

Content Updates/Changes

This may include updates such as pricing or service changes, contact information changes or changes to operating hours. Creation of brand-new content (IE: new page/feature) is not included and can be quoted separately

Security Monitoring and Patching

Every minute of the day there are unscrupulous individuals online that spend their time trying to infiltrate websites and other online services. These can be in the form of Denial of Service attacks (DDOS) which aim to overload and “crash” the website/service. Other attacks can include brute force login attempts to obtain access to the administrative backend of the website/hosting service. All support plans include 24/7 security monitoring, mitigation techniques, and security patching to keep your site and customer data secure and running smoothly.

Daily Cloud Backups

In the event of failure, malware, or other unexpected event, your entire site contents and database are backed up to the “cloud” (data center) every day and kept on a rotating ten-day retention policy. This means we can restore the website to a previous state up to ten days before the date of the restore request.

Monthly Hosting, Basic E-mail, Domain Renewal

The costs for hosting, domain registration/renewal, and Basic Email are included in this plan for no additional charge when paid annually.

Billing Total

ContinueCare Basic - 1yr - (Billed Monthly)
SSL Certificate - 1yr - Registration/Renewal

Total: $14.99

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