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Workstation Upgrade - Sarah Wingert (BOSCH1)

Proposal presented by: MJ Support Services

For this project we will remove the existing mechanical hard drive and replace it with an upgraded Solid State model. The existing 4GB RAM module will be removed and replaced with 2x 8GB modules for a total of 16GB of ram on the workstation. This will bring the workstation beyond the current recommended specs provided by Data-Basics/SAMPro and provide a significant performance improvement.

Existing data will be cloned off the old mechanical harddrive and copied to the new solid state drive to preserve all settings and applications.


Estimated Timeline:

1 - 2 Business Days
1 - 2 Business Days

Your Investment

Solid State Harddrive - 500GB
RAM Module (8GB) x 2
2.5in to 3.5in HDD Drive Bay Kit
Labour to Remove/Replace Components - 0.5hr
Labour to Clone/Migrate Data and Applications - 2hrs
Courier - Drop Off
Courier - Pick-up

Total: $465.47

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